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Skylanders Tracker

Posted on Monday 27th May 2019

I recently decided I wanted to learn to make mobile apps. I had spent some some time reading through tutorials online and decided it was time to get stuck in. Personally I find the best way to learn a new programming skill is to dive in the deep end and use the thing you want to learn in a project. My kids collect Skylander figures which are used for an Xbox game they play. There is over 500 figures to collect and they have started to build a decent sized collection so I thought I would use the opportunity to build them a mobile app to track their collections.

The finished product is called "Skylanders Tracker" and can be found here on the Google Play Store. During the build process I played with both Swift and React Native. Ultimately I decided to go with React Native as it would allow me to build an app for both Android and IOS.

Before starting on the Skylanders Tracker app I had not used either React or React Native so I learnt a lot during the process. I'm going to start to put together blog posts about the different areas of the apps development I struggled to find online tutorials for. I will be updated this blog post as an index of all the React Native tutorials I put together.

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